3.5mm and USB Panel Mount Cable

Rerii USB and 3.5mm Aux Extention Mount, Flush, Dash, Panel Mount Cable for Car, Boat, Motorcycle 
  • You can use this USB mount cable to DIY your car, boat and other device you want. Please check the length before your purchase.
  • This USB mount is a USB extension cable and 3.5mm Aux extension cable combine. So, when you install this USB mount to your device, you should connect to the right connector of your device.
  • It is designed for car, boat, motorcycle and trailer. It compatible with any stereo that is with 3.5mm USB input.
  • You can use this USB mount to replace the car Cigarette lighter or drill a 28mm - 30mm hole to install this cable
  • This USB mount cable is come with the nuts and covers. And it is water proof.
Just drill the appropriate sized hole,slide in the USB AUX Extension piece,thread on the plastic nut,and tighten.If the flush mount cable is longer than you need,you can coil it up and tape it off.Fially you will see everything works fine and you will also glad you have added this to your stereo

Packaging Aside:
-The cable thing (all one unit)
-The dash mount bracket
-Four screws to mount said bracket
-The dust cover cap
-One flanged washer
-One normal washer